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Education technology discipline “Diplomatic service and Journalism”

jurfak Мамыр 8, 2013 0
Education technology discipline “Diplomatic service and  Journalism”


In today’s globalized world, actually prepare professional staff of journalists, international journalists, to independently analyze, study and report to the media features of the evolution of international relations.
To do this, students need to learn the basics of diplomatic missions and their relationship with journalists.
The object of study – the history and reality of the diplomatic service of foreign countries and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
To familiarize students with specific examples and similarities in the work of employees of diplomatic services and the media, methods of interactive role-playing, case method, others.
During the development of the course provided encouraging students to choose research topics in a course and diploma projects.
Students to acquire the basic knowledge of how to contact the diplomatic services and journalism in modern society, in the context of globalization, it is necessary to cover the important stages in the development of international journalism as a profession, its objectives and functions, methods and content.
Study on the basic diplomatic service as a science, profession and mission, the place and role of international journalism in the modern world, a comparative analysis of the role and functions of international journalism in the country and the region is also included in the course content.

G. Mukanova, Sh. Nurzhanova

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