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Шарипа Нуржанова Мамыр 20, 2015 0








Schedule of Events

All events: Academy of Sport and Tourism


May 23-27 Girls basketball camp 10-5

May 28-30 Diamond tournament 12-5

May 29-30 Coaches seminar 10-12

May 24-30 Drive Pro 10-12


In partnership with the Kazakhstan Academy of Sport and Tourism and National Basketball Federation you are invited to the 1st annual “International Tournament of Diamonds”. A US Women’s team will be coming to Almaty May 23-30 to not only compete in the Tournament, but to also put on coaches seminars to share their experience and a basketball camp for girls ages 10-25.

Our desire is to present a “showcase” of competing women’s basketball teams that will show young women how the game of basketball should be played. It will be a three day tournament of a round robin format. But the tournament is only the beginning! May 23-27 from 10am to 5pm is a Girls’ Basketball Camp, May 29-30 9:30am-12pm is the Coaches Seminar and May 24-30 from 8-10pm is the additional master-class for more advanced players that will be by the US men’s coach.

The US team consists of 2 US university coaches and Chantal Vallee from Windsor University, Canada. Her team has been the champion of the Canadian University League for the past FIVE years straight. Players of the US team coming to Kazakhstan consist of all stars from around the country.

Sport has been shown to have a very positive effect on the lives of young women. We believe that every young woman is a “Diamond” in the making. Sport has been shown to contribute to a lifestyle that is healthier physically, mentally, socially, and even academically as compared to their peers who do not participate in sports. It is our desire that as young women see excellent teams in action, they will desire to be involved in sport, take up basketball, improve their skills or even desire to begin a career in the sport of basketball.

We believe that the cornerstone of excellent teams and excellent people is good coaching of fundamental strategies and character. For this reason we are putting on a two day interactive seminar on coaching of women’s basketball. Through this coaches can increase their qualification of coaching and receive a certificate, or they may come to listen and see what is new in the world of basketball! We will cover a wide range of topics from conditioning to nutrition to offense and defense skills and drills. If there is something specific that is of interest to you let us know and we will try to address that topic! There will also be an ample opportunity to interact with each other in an effort to increase the fellowship within the women’s basketball community.

The first 5 days will be a basketball clinic for young women. They will be divided into groups according to their ages and skills. In the past we have had some girls that haven’t really played before to those who are some of the top competitors in Kazakhstan. At Drive Academy of Sports we not only teach good basketball skills, but we desire to see players become future leaders and good citizens of Kazakhstan. Our camp incorporates basketball skills along with the qualities of discipline, integrity, education and love.

We believe that the young women of Kazakhstan are one of her richest resources. We hope to help these young women become strong positive members of society and incredible influences of the coming generations of Kazak people through basketball.

We invite you to come join in the fun and participate in this basketball “extravaganza”!!

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