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Шарипа Нуржанова Сәуір 7, 2015 0

April 10, 2015 the Department of Publishing and Design Faculty of Journalism Kazakh National University. al-Farabi in the International exhibition “Great Silk Road” International scientific-practical conference «Kazakhstan in the global publishing process: the tradition of the Great Silk Road and historical continuity». The conference will discuss problems supercedes publishing. In the scientific and practical conference will be attended by representatives of the scientific community and foreign countries, expert agencies and publishing business, as well as professors and graduate, doctoral IHE. Papers and reports are discussed in the following sections:
Section 1: «Continuity of Civilizations: The Silk Road and the Present”
2 – Section: «Trends of development and innovation of the Kazakhstan publishing and printing business»;
Section 2: «Actual problems of book publishing and distribution»;
Section 4: «Background instilling the love of knigochteniyu young people».
According to the results of the conference will be released collection of conference materials. Publication free of charge.
Copies of reports and messages sent to e-mail:, or by phone: 8 (727) 3773331 (ext. 1348).
Requirements for registration of reports:
The volume of pages is not limited. A4. Page margins: top – 20 mm, bottom – 20 mm, left – 20, right – 20 mm. Font size -14, Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman. Line spacing – 1. In the upper right corner of the printed name and initials of the author, on the next line below the academic degree and title; below the abbreviation of the organization and the city below a line in capital letters, bold lined the middle name of the article; below a line – text. Text can not be edited and is the original.

Dear Colleagues!

This conference is a general scientific and theoretical and practical activities on topical issues of publishing and printing industry of the country. Please take an active
and interested in participating.

The Organizing Committee

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