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Шарипа Нуржанова Маусым 4, 2014 0

auezovaGuest of faculty, a renowned scholar, lecturer, translator Auezova Z. – A.M., June 3, 2014, met with graduate students, undergraduates and young scientists. She heartily advises students at the Faculty of Journalism and teachers to visit the Netherlands. Indeed, thanks to the media and literature, we can know each other and make friends around the world. Share inexhaustible cultural heritage of the East.

Researcher shared how her path formed in science and lifestyle. Now she is an authority, a polyglot. In the Netherlands, she moved in 1999, and before that for a long time outside of Kazakhstan held in St. Petersburg. With 16 years she studied at the Faculty of Oriental LSU passing there and graduate. At that time, opened in Moscow Soros Foundation, through which she was lucky to get on a one-year internship in Oxford. In 1991, it was a rare opportunity, and to St. Petersburg young scientist has returned with a new looks at the subject of research.

Worked as deputy director of the Soros Foundation in Kazakhstan, and then taught at the University of Leiden. In 2002, the company registered its “Eurasian perspectives.” Central Asia is engaged in research, lectures and consults European colleagues. Interest in our region is largely members of diplomatic institutions and companies doing business in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.
The second project, which engaged her love unconditionally associated with workshops for teachers, undergraduates and doctoral students from Kazakhstan. The first such group was in 2010. The Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan annually grants for traineeships in Western universities. Since then, nearly 30 groups’ undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty visited the Netherlands.

At the request of grantees from Kazakhstan, together with colleagues Zifa Muratovna organized a two-week seminar on the corporate culture of the European university. How is the learning process, financing, staffing, academic standard, etc. In addition to Dutch universities, it organizes for its members study tours and cultural centers in neighboring countries – Paris, Cologne, and Brussels.
For several years, she works with undergraduates and faculty al-Farabi KazNU. For them, preparing lectures on the intellectual history of Europe, the principles of academic writing, the history of the humanities and social studies in the West. Leiden University – just a storehouse of sources, there are many valuable manuscripts in Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages ​​of the Ottoman Empire. There are manuscripts of al-Farabi, preserved from the XV century. In Kazakhstan, such relics, unfortunately, no.

After moving to the Netherlands she started working on the Russian translation “Divan» – “Generalization of Turkic dialects» – Mahmud al-Kashgari. It is the oldest book that gathers information about various Turkic dialects, it is dated XI century. The book is written in Turkish, which is recognizable, and Kazakhs, and Azerbaijanis and Turks, and other carriers of the Turkic languages ​​. Most of these peoples lived in the territory of the former USSR, and many of their representatives can read in Russian. This is partly why the book is translated into Russian, for about five years. An important part of the work was to compile the index Turkic words included in the “Divan», and this helped her husband, Robert.

At the invitation of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, she has several years of Leiden arrives and lectures at our university. Zifa – Alua Muratovna Auezova always glad to communicate with Almaty, people who love history, literature, music. And today it is participating in the anniversary events KazNU very willingly. Her example inspires comprehension unclimbed peaks of science and education.

Interviewed by Associate Professor Gulnara Mukanova
June 3, 2014

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